Tissue Ribbons Manufacturer In India

Tissue Ribbon Manufacturer In India

Tissue Ribbon Manufacturer in India

Untold Stories……!!!!

Welcome to Woven Lace & Border, Tissue Ribbon Manufacturer in India below you can go through the fantastic journey of our company.

Since 1995, under the supervision of their guardians and experts of this industry, 2 people at different locations i.e. Mr. Rupesh Kumar & Mr. Himanshu Arora were learning & refining their skills and knowledge and gaining expertise of this vast industry of Narrow Fabrics.

Eventually by destiny these 2 people met in Surat, Gujarat after almost 2 decades, with the objective to explore and discover the depth and cores of this industry with innovation and creativity.

With the origin of KURLZ represents a slightly twisted ribbon, in the industry in 2015, both of them united with the same vision to innovate the market and explore this industry.

Mr. Rupesh, proficiently started gaining technical and marketing knowledge in Woven Elastics industry, providing his services and expertise to the brands like Juliet Industries Ltd (Mumbai), Sky Industries Ltd. and many more..

Since 2001 with a social presence, Woven Lace & Border was officially founded and came up with market presence in 2017.

After journeying more than 6000 kms all over India and experiencing the market demands & requirements of different states.

And, Mr. Himanshu focused with his ancestral business strategies and ethics for the growth of this industry,
officially tied up business knots with Woven Lace & Border.

Tissue Ribbon Manufacturer in India

The ultimate goal is to become one of the leading Exporters of all Narrow Fabrics, Satin Ribbon, Frills & Ruffles and Tissue Ribbon manufacturer in India.


Woven Lace & Border was established in the year 2015 as a Sole Proprietorship based firm at Surat, Gujarat.
And with a mission to cater to the diverse requirements of clients with an ample, exclusive range of Garment Laces, Ribbons and Narrow Fabrics.


At wovenlace.com, we
strive for highest level of ‘Customer Satisfaction’ possible.

Our superlative research, trend and forecast
team ensures that we have the most innovative products on our shelves.

Which are available and delivered to your
doorstep either in sampling or production Worldwide!

Our goal is to become a full-scale Omni-channel brand.
We aim to provide our customers with a fully integrated shopping experience.

By uniting user experience from needle and thread to offline experience and everything in between.


We collaborate with the top professionals who guarantee the newest and most fashionable designs.

We keep ahead of everyone in our industry due to the vision of our designers.

By the use of latest and cutting-edge technologies at our factory, located in Surat.

When it comes to availing something new and unique, Woven Lace & Border is a name to be trusted.


Innovation and creativity are the strongest pillars of our organization. 

They ignite our imagination and give the much-needed punch to our product range.

Cutting edge technology allows us to create artisanal range.

And a several hands with a strong passion  and fascinating designs that forms a unique variety in the fashion accessories industry.

Ladoo Gopal Poshak Laces in Surat


At work, we have built a cutting-edge infrastructure foundation.

We can easily take on enormous projects because, to our infrastructure’s sophisticated assembly equipment, which are easy to use and have high production capacities.

There’s no need to remind people that machines can only function effectively if we improvise with our own research and development.

Also, we firmly abide by a policy of appropriate and fair treatment because we are an Equal Employment Opportunity company.

At Woven Lace & Border, our organizational structure is designed to promote efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

We believe that by fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, we can achieve our vision of becoming a leader in the industry.


Surat lace design

Customers value our widest selection of colors for frills, laces, and ribbons because they are skin-friendly, color-fast, and packaged well.

We produce a variety of narrow woven fabrics as part of our company.
These products have exceptional quality, perfect finishes, eye-catching patterns, and affordable prices, which have made our clients very happy.

A range of products that will quickly satisfy market demands has been created by our skilled craftsmanship and constant dedication to perfection.

Our skilled specialists use better yarns, threads, and zari purchased from lace suppliers of Surat in the industry. These materials are utilized to create the newest lace designs that are offered.

Additionally, our experts modify the design to fit market demands and contemporary fashion trends.


The two most powerful pillars of our organization are creativity and innovation.

They spark our creativity and give our product line the much-needed oomph.

With a concerted effort to provide variety to our product line, which offers a special fusion of beauty, aesthetics, and quality.

Our excellent craftsmanship has produced a variety of items that immediately satisfy the needs of the present market.
This achievement stems from our unrelenting pursuit of perfection.


We aim to update the Fashion Industry with new & exquisite designs and serve Indian as well as overseas buyers with export quality Garment Accessories.

With our collection of Frills & Ruffles, designer Saree Border Laces, we successfully serve the clients with total satisfaction.

Owing to our commitment towards quality & timely delivery, we have been able to maintain cordial relationship with our clients.

Fancy Lace Collection in Surat

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